Meet The Team

LaKena Armstrong: Born July 24, 1985 in Detroit MI. As the eldest of five children, Ms. Kena quickly realized how to run not only a family but a business as well. She started showing interest in beauty as a young child and experimenting in beauty in high school. Just a few years after graduating from high school she decided to get her license in both manicuring and esthetics in 2005.

     Lakena haven’t stopped since. She has traveled to many U.S. states and even China to learn and grow as both a beauty and business professional. After years of customer service, nursing and manufacturing, she realized quickly that she was being prepared to do something more fulfilling to both herself and the public. With her many talents and licenses in nails and esthetics (skincare specialist) doing services such as nail art, lash extensions, multiple ways of hair removal and skincare services, she decided to take her business to the next level.


L.A. Muse Gallery: Is more than just a nail shop, a salon or spa to pamper yourself. It is a place to educate yourself on health, beauty, art and business. A place where you’ll learn not only about yourself but about each product that is being used. This has been a dream of Ms. Kena for over 15 years and now everyone will be able to experience it. 

Lakena Now help bring aspiring beauty professionals with skills and tools to make 6 figures and more in the beauty industry. 

     Ms.Kena chose to name her business L.A. Muse Gallery because it’s unique and it represents everything she’s about. It’s definitely not like anything anyone has ever seen or done. L.A. is her initials. Muse (n) is a person (especially a woman) who is a source of artistic inspiration. Gallery is a place where art is created and shown. Her idea of beauty is art! She believes we are all beautiful masterpieces and there is no better place to express this art than here at L.A. Muse Gallery.